Solutions 4 Fundraising has developed a collection of tools that will identify donors and move the process through to the cultivation of the gift. It includes tools such as the prospect rating sheet, wealth assessment, and constituency target worksheet. Our team will take the staff and volunteers through the process of identifying and cultivation significant gifts.

The art and strategy of a Donor Cultivation System is to motivate existing donors so they continue to support‭ ‬the organization at increasingly higher levels over time.‭ ‬In addition,‭ ‬the system educates potential donors about the nonprofit organization and identifies matching values between potential donor and organization.‭ ‬Through cultivation steps, a partnership develops between the new donor and the organization with benefits to both parties.‭ ‬

A donor cultivation system will include:

  • Implement donor recruitment,‭ ‬retention and nurturing policies and practices.
  • Developing printed and audiovisual materials for donor enlistment.
  • Establish management procedures and activities‭ ‬that will build strong relationships,‭ ‬provide efficient stewardship,‭ ‬acquisition and solicitation of donors.
  • Provide an outline of organizational goals and objectives for marketing and fundraising.
  • Prepare staff and volunteers for donor solicitation.
  • Review or initiate a donor newsletter for,‭ ‬at least,‭ ‬bi-annual release.
  • Evaluate the annual giving program,‭ ‬direct mail items,‭ ‬web site and special events.‭
  • Designing donor appreciation and recognition programs.