This service provides the means to deliver knowledge about the client to the general public. A creative PowerPoint presentation, with a companion brochure, is developed to use throughout the client’s service areas. A variety of approaches are utilized including; community meetings, brown-bag lunches, eggs and issues, news releases, civic service presentations and more.

Nonprofits use their brand in many ways. In the development department, the brand is mainly associated with fundraising, but current trends identify the benefits of expanding nonprofit brands to create significant social impact and tighter organizational cohesion. A brand is more than just the logo, name or graphic design. It is a psychological concept held in the minds of those aware of nonprofit organizations, services and value to the community. Solutions will assess the organization’s branding
position and create a compelling brand positioning strategy that will maximize the unique values, benefits and target market.

Solutions 4 Fundraising will counsel and work with clients to plan and implement a proactive marketing plan and public relations program designed to produce measurable results. This service also provides a review of all marketing brochures and collateral materials. Good promotional materials establish and maintain relationships between organizations and the public that they serve.

Formulating and articulating a compelling Case Statement can be a challenging task. S4F team will help identify core values, state in clear language the goals and objectives of the client, the need, how people can help and tell the client’s story with passion and precision. The resulting Case Statement will resonate with staff, volunteers, donors and potential donors and will demonstrate that financial support is consistent with personally held aspirations and community betterment interest.