A Planning and Feasibility Study is an essential element of a major capital campaign. Evaluating the readiness of an organization, the viable scope of a proposed campaign and a range of dollars to be raised will help an organization determine the best course for success. There are twelve different areas that are tested in a study, such as an organization’s image, impact of service, importance of organization, urgency of capital improvements, leadership development, potential donations and more. The information is collected by way of confidential face-to-face interviews, mail-out surveys and, in some cases, focus groups. The report is a comprehensive written document with full statistical analysis, narrative rationale, direct quotes (without attribution) recommendations with an action plan and timetable for campaign preparation and implementation.

A comprehensive Planning and Feasibility Study should be the first step‭ ‬taken before entering into a major fundraising‭ ‬program.‭ ‬Through the Study, key community leaders are brought into‭ ‬the initial planning process.‭ ‬Study results provide vital information about‭ ‬the organization’s staff,‭ ‬facility,‭ ‬present services and plans for the future.‭ ‬A Planning and Feasibility study takes the guess work out of planning for a major funding program by answering questions about the strength of‭ ‬the‭ ‬case statement and the amount of support‭ ‬that can be anticipated.‭ ‬The Study reveals extensive marketing data‭ ‬upon which to base short and long-range plans.

The Planning and Feasibility Study will Determine:

  • The amount of money that could be raised within the next five years.
  • Your plan‭’‬s‭ ‬strengths and weaknesses.
  • The level of interest and willingness of key leaders to support your plan.
  • Public perception of your programs,‭ ‬services and future plans.
  • Sources of immediate and future major gifts for your program.
  • Possible obstacles you may encounter in a major fund raising program.
  • How long it will take to raise the initial amount and when to begin.
  • How the current political and economic climate would affect a fund raising program.
  • Recommendations for implementing your plans for an extensive public awareness program,‭ ‬major fund raising program,‭ ‬or an ongoing resource development program.