Our specialty is a full-time or part-time campaign program. This is a full-service fundraising and development program that encompasses most of the services offered by S4F. It is a comprehensive on-site development, planning, and implementation of a capital campaign to raise significant dollars. It includes; recruitment of community leadership, prospective identification, case statement development, community awareness and education, donor research, solicitation strategies, development of campaign marketing materials, donor stewardship and recognition, donation management, family, connecting potential donors with your mission and values… and much more.

A capital campaign,‭ ‬by definition,‭ ‬is an intense effort on the part of a nonprofit organization to raise significant dollars in a specified period of time.‭ ‬Capital campaigns can be the most inexpensive,‭ ‬productive method of,‭ ‬educating the public,‭ ‬securing‭ ‬donations,‭ ‬recruiting new leadership into the organization and much more.‭ ‬Regardless of peaks and valleys in the economic cycle,‭ ‬Americans have always been willing to get behind a worthy cause‭  


  • Initiates the review of organizational priorities,‭ ‬and‭ ‬reflects those priorities in a strategic developed marketing and fundraising program.‭
  • Offers‭ ‬organization’s staff and volunteers the opportunity to provide leadership and attracts new leaders into the organization.‭
  • Keeps the organization in the public eye,‭ ‬making it easier for people to learn about‭ ‬the organization and appreciate the good work it does.‭
  • Provide‭ ‬thousands‭ ‬of people,‭ ‬staff and volunteers a way to connect with,‭ ‬and get involved in,‭ ‬the organization—and in the process,‭ ‬to contribute something meaningful to its advancement.‭
  • Attract and activate‭ ‬scores of new donors and volunteers,‭ ‬including some future board members and prospects for major gifts.‭
  • Build the capacity of your development office‭ ‬through the process of‭ “‬gearing up‭” ‬for the capital campaign.‭
  • Increase corporate giving by demonstrating the value of partnerships that support the organization for the good of the community.
  • Develop more interest with planned giving program and provide information about planned giving tools and giving methods.