Our specialty is a full-time or part-time campaign program. This is a full-service fundraising and development program that encompasses most of the services offered by S4F. It is a comprehensive on-site development, planning, and implementation of a capital campaign to raise significant dollars. It includes; recruitment of community leadership, prospective identification, case statement development, community awareness and education, donor research, solicitation strategies, development of campaign marketing materials, donor stewardship and recognition, donation management, family, connecting potential donors with your mission and values… and much more.

A capital campaign,‭ ‬by definition,‭ ‬is an intense effort on the part of a nonprofit organization to raise significant dollars in a specified period of time.‭ ‬Capital campaigns can be the most inexpensive,‭ ‬productive method of,‭ ‬educating the public,‭ ‬securing‭ ‬donations,‭ ‬recruiting new leadership into the organization and much more.‭ ‬Regardless of peaks and valleys in the economic cycle,‭ ‬Americans have always been willing to get behind a worthy cause‭  


  • Initiates the review of organizational priorities,‭ ‬and‭ ‬reflects those priorities in a strategic developed marketing and fundraising program.‭
  • Offers‭ ‬organization’s staff and volunteers the opportunity to provide leadership and attracts new leaders into the organization.‭
  • Keeps the organization in the public eye,‭ ‬making it easier for people to learn about‭ ‬the organization and appreciate the good work it does.‭
  • Provide‭ ‬thousands‭ ‬of people,‭ ‬staff and volunteers a way to connect with,‭ ‬and get involved in,‭ ‬the organization—and in the process,‭ ‬to contribute something meaningful to its advancement.‭
  • Attract and activate‭ ‬scores of new donors and volunteers,‭ ‬including some future board members and prospects for major gifts.‭
  • Build the capacity of your development office‭ ‬through the process of‭ “‬gearing up‭” ‬for the capital campaign.‭
  • Increase corporate giving by demonstrating the value of partnerships that support the organization for the good of the community.
  • Develop more interest with planned giving program and provide information about planned giving tools and giving methods.

A Planning and Feasibility Study is an essential element of a major capital campaign. Evaluating the readiness of an organization, the viable scope of a proposed campaign and a range of dollars to be raised will help an organization determine the best course for success. There are twelve different areas that are tested in a study, such as an organization’s image, impact of service, importance of organization, urgency of capital improvements, leadership development, potential donations and more. The information is collected by way of confidential face-to-face interviews, mail-out surveys and, in some cases, focus groups. The report is a comprehensive written document with full statistical analysis, narrative rationale, direct quotes (without attribution) recommendations with an action plan and timetable for campaign preparation and implementation.

A comprehensive Planning and Feasibility Study should be the first step‭ ‬taken before entering into a major fundraising‭ ‬program.‭ ‬Through the Study, key community leaders are brought into‭ ‬the initial planning process.‭ ‬Study results provide vital information about‭ ‬the organization’s staff,‭ ‬facility,‭ ‬present services and plans for the future.‭ ‬A Planning and Feasibility study takes the guess work out of planning for a major funding program by answering questions about the strength of‭ ‬the‭ ‬case statement and the amount of support‭ ‬that can be anticipated.‭ ‬The Study reveals extensive marketing data‭ ‬upon which to base short and long-range plans.

The Planning and Feasibility Study will Determine:

  • The amount of money that could be raised within the next five years.
  • Your plan‭’‬s‭ ‬strengths and weaknesses.
  • The level of interest and willingness of key leaders to support your plan.
  • Public perception of your programs,‭ ‬services and future plans.
  • Sources of immediate and future major gifts for your program.
  • Possible obstacles you may encounter in a major fund raising program.
  • How long it will take to raise the initial amount and when to begin.
  • How the current political and economic climate would affect a fund raising program.
  • Recommendations for implementing your plans for an extensive public awareness program,‭ ‬major fund raising program,‭ ‬or an ongoing resource development program.

As tax-exempt hospitals, public health organizations, municipalities and community partnerships are put under more scrutiny to justify their tax-exempt status, documenting community benefit is a strategic object. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) requires charitable hospitals to conduct Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) once every three years. Solutions not only meets these requirements but also uses the opportunity to partner with other health organizations in the region to maximize the data collected and identify and prioritize community needs.

Solutions 4 Fundraising method provides a variety of approaches to meet the community, state and federal expectations while balancing your mission objectives and economic realities. While health demographics, utilization data and the wide variety of publicly national and local indicators are available, our experts will base their recommendations on information that applies to your local community.

Solutions 4 Fundraising’s CHNA service will:

  • Collect and analyze local, regional and national health data and critical public indicators
  • Define the organization’s service area and community served
  • Conduct interviews, create and manage a comprehensive on-line data gathering tool that maintains the integrity study objectives
  • Create an inventory of existing community health resources
  • Prioritize the community health needs identified
  • Prepare a thorough report, that includes an action plan, in a booklet and PowerPoint form representing the results of the qualitative and quantitative information

Major gifts development is an essential mainstay for any Foundation. Attracting donors that can make significant contributions will help maximize our client’s fundraising potential and encourage annual donors to move up the donor pyramid.

An often-overlooked audience for healthcare fundraising are those individuals who benefit from the care, attention, skills and technology of a healthcare organization… patients and their families. The grateful patient program uses a unique model that not only fosters a culture of gratitude and raises money for the organization, but it also provides a means to recognize employees who make significant impacts with patients and their families. Solutions uses time-tested practices to formulate a grateful
patient program that will meet your needs and expand your ability to generate charitable dollars and increase donor relationship building.

The “pie-in-the-sky” as one client described their planned giving program; unachievable but a section of their development program that they so much desired. Planned giving donations are the pinnacle of the donor giving pyramid and is the preferred giving method for most long-term significant donations. In addition, the always prevalent transfer of wealth, from one generation to another, will increase the attractiveness of planned giving vehicles offerings from nonprofit organizations. Whether you have an already existing planned giving program or are new to these programs, Solutions will provide the structure, donor communication, policies and procedures, marketing materials and training needed to establish a planned giving program.

One of the first observations a potential donor will make is to evaluate the number of employees who have supported the organization through fundraising endeavors. The perception of potential donors is, “If those closest to the organization are not supporting the fundraising goals, why should I?” The ongoing success of employee development programs impacts overall giving from various potential and current donors. Solutions will evaluate your current employee engagement programs and provide a strategic plan that will include creative avenues for employees to increase their participation levels. Our employee programs will not only gain philanthropic support but increase effective employee communications, so they will have the tools to become advocates in the community.

A common fundraising avenue available to nonprofit organization is corporate partnerships. S4F will research potential corporate partners and provide partnership proposals. With a corporation’s name attached to a nonprofit organization, the corporation will enhance its reputation, thereby building brand loyalty and increasing its sales. In return, our client will gain several basic enhancements from the corporation, in particular; cash, promotional opportunities, expanded audience and access to their network of employees, clients, and vendors.

This service involves developing a giving program that will attract the employees of various businesses to participate in a fundraising campaign. Many employees that work within the client’s service area will want to support a project that advances the common good and creates opportunities for the betterment of life for all. This program usually works best if presented to businesses with 20 employees or more. The program empowers the employees by offering them an opportunity to learn more about the client and how to financially support the client’s mission.

Annual giving is the development of sustained support from individuals who value an organization and its mission. This is probably the most critical element of a comprehensive development program. Close to 90% of all major gift donors come into the Foundation through an annual giving program. S4F will

review the current annual giving program (if available) and develop an annual giving strategic plan which includes an annual fundraising calendar and communication material to assist with the retention of annual giving donors. The strategic plan also includes the method for which to move the donor to a high giving club.

Solutions 4 Fundraising assist clients and their understanding in developing and producing a money-making event, maximizing profits and cultivating event sponsorships. Not every fundraising special event will work in every community. Therefore, S4F will take special measures to assess the community and evaluate historical data before presenting a handful of recommended events, keeping in mind the resources available to the client.

Funding proposals and presentation to grant-funding Foundations presents opportunities to garner financial support. S4F can research and develop proposal templates, draft letters of inquiry and provide at least 40 names of grant-funding Foundations with contact information and historical data of past funders.

Obtaining grant‭ ‬funding is a highly competitive environment.‭ ‬Solutions‭ ‬4‭ ‬Fundraising has success in research,‭ ‬writing and submitting grant funding for past clients.‭ ‬This includes private foundation,‭ ‬city,‭ ‬state and federal grants.‭ ‬

Our grant writing services include:

  • Initial consultation for a program analysis and needs assessment.
  • Create a letter of inquiry or intent for three different items identified through the needs assessment.
  • Research specific grantors for needs.‭ ‬These may include local,‭ ‬state,‭ ‬federal or corporate grants that are appropriate for the funding needs.
  • Submission of a list of‭ ‬40‭ ‬grantees that‭ ‬qualify as a potential funder for one of the three identified needs.
  • Written text that can be adapted for future proposals,‭ ‬promotional materials case statements,‭ ‬media features, and strategic plans.
  • Instruction for your staff on successful strategies for gaining proposal acceptance.

An Endowment campaign is an effort that solicits funds that supports the mission of the organization, and provides a continuous stream of funding for the organization's growth. The donations are placed into an Endowment fund which keeps the principal of each gift intact. Investments, interest type of income that is realized on an annual basis from the fund will be used to provide funding for programs, services and needs that are not being - or underfunded - with other revenue venues.

Endowment support can be a one-time gift of cash, or a multi-year pledge, and/or a planned gift. Our campaign program is designed to educate the general public and local financial planners about planned giving tools and the benefits to them, as a donor, and to your organization.