Foundation assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the fundraising efficiencies and management of the Foundation or the Fundraising/Development program. It reviews eight areas: Annual Giving, Planned Giving, Commemorative Giving, Special Events, Marketing and Public Relations, Donor Stewardship and Recognition, Policies and Procedures, and Board Relations. The resulting report and presentation identifies areas for growth and provides guidance for program enhancements.

A Foundation audit is an internal review that helps evaluate the current status of an organization’s fundraising program against its potential for success. This comprehensive review determines the effectiveness of the fundraising and development programs and identifies critical enhancements that can be initiated within the next year.

Before the foundation assessment, S4F will review the following items:

  • Mission, values and vision statement
  • Organization’s policies and procedures
  • Job descriptions of staff and volunteers
  • Past staff and board activities
  • Current fundraising and marketing calendar

During the foundation assessment S4F will evaluate the following:

  • Existing programs
  • Short and long-term goals
  • Results of major gifts, general gifts, and annual support programs
  • Strategic planning for research, cultivation, public awareness, planned giving and grants
  • Activities and accomplishments
  • Attitudes and knowledge
  • Budgets

After the development assessment, a final report is written to include:

  • The current status of fundraising and development program: what is working and suggestion for improvements
  • Specific findings
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations

The Foundation Assessment report becomes a guide for program changes and initiatives, leadership and volunteer recruitment and training, budgeting, donor management and retention, budgeting, and policy and procedures updates.

Donor retention is one of the most important keys for a healthy development program. Currently, across the United States, donor retention percentages are at an alarming rate. Over 70% of newly acquired donors never come back for a second gift! Nonprofit organizations compensate for this downfall by spending more money to acquire new donors, increasing gift sizes or a combination of both.

Solutions 4 Fundraising will create a donor retention program that is tailored for your foundation’s staff size, economic and technical abilities, donor communications and current programs. Even a moderate increase in retention rates can yield substantial revenue.

Stewardship and recognition are cornerstones of effective development programs. Putting as much time, or more, into donor stewardship after a donation is received is as important as securing the gift. Today, donors are now, more than ever, looking for and expecting accountability and the ability to demonstrate the meaningful ways in which their gift is being used. Solutions will evaluate your current stewardship activities and establish proven strategies to improve donor stewardship efforts and your
recognition program.

Solutions 4 Fundraising has extensive expertise in marketing and donor communications. We will work with you to develop a creative communications strategy. It starts with your mission and builds upon the work your organization is doing for the betterment of your community. Our communications plan and materials will tell your story, rally support for your organization and mission and empower leaders, staff and volunteers to communicate, confidentially, with potential donors.

“No one in town can give that much!” We have heard it a hundred times, and yet, we find the individuals who can and do, support an organization in a lead-gift capacity. An essential part of fundraising activities is identifying those who are capable of making more substantial gifts and cultivating those potential donors. Solutions 4 Fundraising will give you the tools and skills to identify and cultivate a potential donor in preparation of the solicitation.

Volunteers are the backbone of development programs and they provide considerable value to nonprofit organizations. Attracting volunteers to your organization and then managing them so they can shine in their role can be a difficult job for development and foundation staff. Solutions 4 Fundraising will create a volunteer program that delivers proper recruitment, enlistment, orientation, management and recognition procedures and guidelines. Using the techniques will produce the most productive and rewarding working environment for staff and volunteers.