In an era, when keeping a health-related organization financially stable is an arduous task, S4F’s development and fundraising strategies will infuse needed resources into the organization. These resources not only provide monetary value but also engage members of your community to become partners in your mission.
Whether it is a hospital, dental office, healthcare clinic, hospice, mental health or any of the other health-related services or facilities, we will plan and execute a fundraising strategy that will launch your foundation as a revenue provider for your organization.

Below are a few healthcare clients who have benefited from our expertise. You can see a full client list here.

As the “baby-boom” generation grows older, the number of people in the United States ages 65 years and over is expected to double by 2030. Trends also show the older population is growing more quickly than any other population and living longer than ever before. The nonprofit organizations who work for elder care have plans in place to prepare their facilities, communities, and staff to remain competitive in the senior living field. To carry out these plans most organizations are searching for debt-free revenue streams and turn to Solutions for the answer.

Part of long-term survival is to employ the principals of not only fundraising, but also development. For senior care organization to remain relevant they will need to expand their wings beyond fundraising appeals to the children and grandchildren of the residents. Solutions 4 Fundraising has successfully created strategic fundraising and development programs that create short and long-term revenue streams for Senior Care nonprofit organizations.

Below are a few Senior Care clients who have benefited from our services. You can see a full client list here.

Below is a partial list of clients who have benefited from our services. You can see a full client list here.

Below are a few clients who have benefited from our services. You can see a full client list here.

Below are a few Faith-Based clients who have benefited from our services. You can see a full client list here.

Solution 4 Fundraising is a consulting firm that supports the mission of nonprofit organizations. The very organizations that make up the fabric of our communities. We equip these organizations with the tools, skills and knowledge to strengthen their impact and increase the benefits to individuals who live, work and visit their communities. Their successes are part of thriving communities that have sustain the test of time and answered immense challenges. Solutions is proud to be a part of their success stories. We would love to help your organization reach their goals and uncovered potentials that are yet to be discovered.